The art Tom Royston makes is striking and organic. The textures and forms leap off the canvas and continue their story long after viewing. But above all, the artwork is a process.

His work represents the need for independent expression and conceptual understanding – the search for deeper meaning. Our ability to express ourselves as people is an integral part of the human experience. Processing moments through expression provides an outlet for personal understanding and development. Creation gives us the ability to control our environment, which is something that is overlooked in a society that wants you to be passive.

Tom Royston uses experiential painting and sculpture to communicate moments and feelings that are important. He observes his environment and takes the time to understand moments and develop perspective. This process is designed to provoke reflection, and urge the viewer to engage with their own experience.

“The paintings aren’t abstract – but I suppose the subject matter might appear to be. It’s all real interactions and moments and times I’ve felt something that I need to process. It works as a good framework for storytelling, but I suppose that means everyone has to come up with their own story. But you can’t expect everyone to get it straight away.”

Tom Royston is a professional artist, creative director and mental health advocate based in London. He sells commissions internationally, and works on an array of conceptual projects.